1. Please do not bring the following items into the hostel:

  • Animals, birds and other pets.
  • Items with an offensive odor.
  • Inflammable or combustible items such as gunpowder and volatile oil.

2. In order to maintain the comfort and safety of our guests–and to comply with the Taiwan law—we operate a “Non-Smoking” policy throughout all the property of NiHao. Please ask our staff for the smoking area nearby. Non-compliance with this rule will result in a charge of 20,000 TWD, including the fine to the government and fee to the professional cleaning of the room/area, to the offending guests.


3. All illegal activities are strictly forbidden. In addition, there is no sex in the dormitories.


4. Printer Usage: The printer usage is free of charge with reasonable pages (<10pages).


5. Please hang out with your visitors/friends at our public lounge. Visitors/friends are prohibited from entering the dormitories which are reserved solely for registered guests.


6. Please do not rearrange or remove the furniture and fixtures in the dorm/room, or facilities and equipment in the hostel. Moreover, please do not use them other than their primary purpose.


7. Please DO NOT leaves your valuables in your room unattended. Or on the NiHao premises, NiHao does not have the liability for the loss, theft or damage to guests’ luggage or belongings on all NiHao premises


8. The hostel shall not compensate the guest for the damage when loss, breakage or other damages caused to guests’ goods, cash, and variables.


9. Full payment for room/bed is required upon check-in.


10. Lost belongings will be held up to one month once checked out. Once the lost belongings were found and identified the ownership, we will send email to you. But it is not the obligation to the hostel. The unidentified lost goods will be disposed by the Law concerning Lost Goods.


11. All the property of NiHao is monitored and fire/smoke- detected 24hrs/ 7days and those not respecting our rules will be told to leave/received penalty immediately. No refunds will be given under these circumstances.


12. If you need to laundry services, we provide laundry, drying, folding service, and a designed services bag charge TWD 150/time. Make sure your clothes can be washed and dried in washing machine and dryer. Count the proper amount of the clothes put in laundry bags, NiHao do NOT responsible for any clothes shrink / damage / missing pieces in this service.


13. Free Internet & Wi-Fi: The Internet facility located in the public lounge is free to all the guests. Moreover, all the guests can use the free Wi-Fi, available throughout all the premises of NiHao. Please ask our staff for the password while check-in.


14. Housekeeping: every room is cleaned daily between 12 pm and 4 pm. The housekeeper will knock the door to alert you of the intention to clean the room. Private room guests have the right to keep privacy by NOT hanging any sign on the outside doorknob during cleaning hours.


15. Prohibition of entering the hostel and from using the hostel’s facilities:

  •  Organized crime groups, and organization or parties related to crime group.
  • Any suspect/confirmed acts such as violence, injury, threats, blackmail, intimidation, and other similar activities.
  • Persons who carry out gambling and other illegal activities.
  • Persons who loudly shout, sing, or act similarly.
  • Persons who are not able to secure their own safety due to lack of control, as result of mental instability, drugs, or any factors may cause danger, fear, and anxiety among others.

(Full Coverage of the House Rules )

Article 1

The “House Rules” have been executed and delivered by you and constitute a valid and binding agreement between you and NiHao.

If you does not agree below terms and conditions, should not use our accommodation and service plan.


(Refusal of accommodation using)

Article 2

In the cases of below, our hostel may decline the use of our accommodation:

1. The violation of the “house rule and regulation”.

2. There is no availability of dorm/ room.

3. Persons who act against rule of laws, public order, and good manners and customs about accommodation.

4. Persons who with suspicious behavior which may relate crime activities.

5. Persons who have infectious disease symptoms clearly.

6. When about accommodation, money and special burden were found.

7. Owing to natural disasters, trouble facilities and other unavoidable reasons.

8. Persons who cause nuisance to other guests remarkably.


Article 3


When you make a reservation through the website, using your valid credit card for security, you have a confirmed reservation. We will send you a written confirmation by email.


When you make a reservation by email, telephone or through any other means, first we make an unconfirmed reservation and will request that you confirm the reservation via website using your valid credit card for security.


Depending on the location, the following conditions apply:

Hostel – The reservation can be confirmed either with a credit card number, or by contacting us on spot.


Apartments – The confirmation of the reservation is made through a successful payment of a Monthly deposit. The exact conditions will be sent through to you with the reservation information.


Article 4

(Group reservation)

Parties of more than 10 are classed as groups. In this situation, we will send you a special group reservation contract which has some different terms and conditions to our standard policy (deposits, changes of reservation). In this situation, the group contract serves as the original contract “NIHAO TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE.


Article 5

(Cancellation Policy)

For all other reservations, the following conditions apply:

7 days before arrival: cancel without charge.

From 3-7 days: Reservation will be cancelled and the first night charged.

Within 3 days: the entire stay will be cancelled and charged.
For group reservations, you will find the separate cancellation policy on your group reservation contract.


Article 6


While registered our service and accommodation, the following information will be gathered and protected by our privacy agreement and local privacy low: name, date of birth, country origin, arrival and depart date, passport number, emergency phone number, and communication address.


Article 7

(Check-in & Check-out times)

Check-in: after 4pm

Check-out: 11pm (noon)


In case, you are running late. Please phone or email to inform us and thereby a room/bed can be reserved accordingly.

On the final day of your stay, please vacate your room by noon. Fail to do so will result in additional fee listed below. You can arrange a late checkout with our staff. Thus, please notify our staff 24 hours in advance.


Article 8

(Solely stay)

Please hang out with your visitors/friends at our public lounge. Visitors/friends are prohibited from entering the dormitories which are reserved solely for registered guests. We may charge additional fee by rules.


Article 9


Book through websites:

The valid credit card number is been used as guarantee of your reservation, you are paying at the arrival day.

If you have paid the partners website, please present the verification of the payment at check-in. Otherwise, you have to pay us directly for your stay. Full payment for room/bed is required upon check-in. You can pay in cash (in TWD only) or by credit card.

Pay through PayPal and bank account transfer:

The room fee must be paid within 3 days since you make the reservation. Once the payment has been made please provide us with the last 5 digit of your credit card number or bank account number, and therefore we can start to prepare for your arrival.

Please send email to [email protected] for wire information.


Article 10


Additional fees are listed as follows

50% of the daily rate for: (according to your room type)

Late checkout after 11 am (afternoon)

You agree us to move your personal belongings/luggage to our baggage room when the checkout time is not meet.

You are welcome to leave your luggage in the front desk while you are waiting for a room to be ready before check-in, or after you have checked out.


Article 11


You can always turn to ask the ground floor 24hrs’ guard for help.

The emergency button be set on in our common area, you may use it in case any emergency happen, it will not only notify hostel staff and the security guard and nearby police force. The Emergency Exit is designed for emergencies only. Opening the door will activate the alarm. For emergency, please confirm position of emergency occurred level by all means necessaries.


Article 12


Please DO NOT leave your valuables in your room unattended. On the NiHao premises, NiHao does not have the liability for the loss, theft or damage to guests’ luggage or belongings. Please use the lockers we provide for each guest in the dormitory rooms.


Article 13


Any damages caused by the incautions of the guests will need to be paid for. Please treat everything at NiHao as if it were yours.

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