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Get away #1, Lugang Township, Changhua County

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Located in Changhua County, Lukang is an eye-catching town with its historical beauty preserved. In 2012, the seaside town has won itself the “Top ten tourist town in Taiwan”. Taiwan’s traditional old streets have always been a popular tourist attraction, and Lukang Old Street is definitely one of the most famous. Lukang with its once thrived commercial population, owns various types of traditional Taiwanese styled houses with carved doorways and windows. The bricks and tiles dates back to 19th century, when the town was rising to its economic prominence. However, when the trading center moved to Taipei and Kaohsiung by the end of the nineteenth century, Lukang port became a minor port and was gradually replaced by Keelung and Kaohsiung’s deepwater ports. With the effort of Lukang government and local clubs, Lukang has now transferred into a lively town with its historical relic full of enthusiastic atmosphere. Head for Lukang and make friends with local resident, visit houses with ancient design, learn stories derived from the past. Dive in and explore the beauty of Lukang!

Transport Advice


Take the Taiwan Railways to Changhua Station (West Truck Line). Leave the Changhua Station then go left to the Changhua Bus Station. Ask their staff of bus line that heading to Lugang Township.

High Speed Railway

Take the High Speed Railway to Taichung Station and transfer to the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus to go to North Lugang tourist Information Center. Or transfer to Taiwan Railways to Changhua Station, then transfer to Changhua bus to go to Lugang. Every Changhua Bus heading to Lagang will stop at South Lugang tourist Information Center, North Lugang tourist Information Center, Lukang Old Street and Lugang Station. You can get off at any stops then go sightseeing on foot.

Tour Guide

ZhongShan Rd. is the main street of Lukang, we suggest you start from the South Lugang Visitor Information Center. Head South and you can reach the origin of Lukang’s education, The construction of Wenkai Academy and Wenchang Shrine and Martial Temple. It has now blended in some Japanese custom with cluster of Ema (Wooden Wishing Plaques in Japan religion) hanging down the aisle. When visiting Lukang, you will not want to miss Longshan Temple. Though it’s not the kind of temple which will amaze you in the first sight, Longshan Temple has its special architect structure and history for you to explore. There are free tour guide from Lu Kang Senior High School in the weekend, they will explain origins and stories of the art craft, including the octagonal ceiling caissons of the Chinese opera stage, which are the earliest masterpiece remaining in Taiwan.
Then visit Jiu Qu Lane, “Jiu Qu Lane” was named from this phenomenon. When villages were developed in the past, many residences were built alongside the curved watercourse. This situation naturally formed some curved lanes between Lukang’s old streets. With the curved lanes, it prevents the wind and sand from the seashore, cold weather in winter, and the robbers. When standing at the end of Jiu Qu Lane, you can find the First Market not too far away. There are plenty of traditional cuisines in the market, Thick Rice Noodle Soup, Taiwanese Meatballs and Tofu pudding, if you don’t know which one to choose, just try the popular one. It works everytime!
YaoLin St, BuTou St and Da You St. is the Lugang Historical Reservation Area, so called Lugang Old Streets. Buildings here are mostly built in brick and tiles, decorated with colorful sculptures. The carved doorways and windows were built in the Qing dynasty, are pretty different from other styles of Taiwanese traditional building. And if you are lucky enough, you may find a lot of traditional manufacturer along your trip in Lukang. Incense making, steamer, wooden Sculptures and tin Sculptures. Beside the architect, there are also tons of delicious cuisine and vendors on the old street. For me, I will start from grilled Taiwanese sausage and slowly walk through the souvenir vendor and craft shop, at the end of old street we will reach Lugang Mazu Temple.
With the appetizer fully digested, we set our battle field at the Lugang Mazu Temple plaza. The famous Mud Shrimp Dish is your must taste, and also don’t forget Oyster Omelet, Thick Rice Noodle Soup and Flavored Flour Drink. But don’t be over fascinated by the snack paradise, Lugang Mazu Temple plaza is also worth visiting. Delicate wooden and stone Sculptures lie in every corner. You can also pray to the God of marriage or matchmaker here and ask to meet your Mr/ Mrs Right. At the end of the day, you can enjoy Lukang under the moonlight by heading back on the opposite direction of ZhongShan Rd, where many traditional craft store located. Embroidery, Incense, Wooden Sculptures and etc. What I like the most is Wu Dun Hou Lantern Shop, you can find lanterns in various shape and styles, Mr. Wu is truly a National Treasure. He also made a colored lantern for lady Gaga on her trip to Taiwan.
Before leaving, stop by Yu Zhen Zhai Bakery and bring some snack back for your friends and family, it’s just beside MinZu Rd. where the Changhua bus station locates. Lukang is a appealing town full of historical site and traditional arts, we hope you don’t miss it on your next trip to Taiwan!

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Information Section

South Lugang tourist Information Center

Located in the Sanmin Rd. and ZhongShan Rd., says Lugang station. A wooden train station was rebuilded to displays history of the old station and provides tourist info as a tourist information center. Free bicycle rental service is also provided.